Best Gift Ideas For The Digital Nomads You Love

Best Gift Ideas For The Digital Nomads You Love

According to Phocuswright’s US Consumer Travel Report, in the past 12 months, one in two Americans took a trip where they combined working remotely with pleasure, and more than a quarter of Americans added a few extra days for fun on a trip business.

Confirming this trend, Marriott Vacations Worldwide sponsored a survey that found that 79% of those who can work remotely plan to take up to five vacations this year. The survey also concluded that up to 80% of travelers would work remotely and that 70% of workers would take more vacation time now than before the pandemic. One in six of them would even consider working alongside us. No matter where you work, when or with whom, here are some of the best gift ideas for the digital nomads in your life.

Timbuk Custom Section Knee Backpack2

Constant travel can be tiresome. But, when you choose to spend your life constantly changing locations, it’s important to have the right equipment to carry your valuables. The custom bags from Timbuk2 allow people to show their own personal style while having the reliability of the brand’s line of messenger bags, backpacks and other luggage. The Custom Department Knee Backpack comes in a variety of colors and styles. Designing your own bag is half the fun. You can choose different colors for different parts of the bag and also choose the texture, shine and rain resistant material. Ample storage inside the bag also has protected space to hold a laptop or other electronics. It’s the kind of bag designed for digital nomads and anyone who’s always on the move.

Remote Year Subscription

A “work from anywhere” tour provider, RemoteYear operates in 80 destinations and has a new membership plan that comes in three levels starting at just $19. The entry level provides members with online access to job boards and rental apartments as well as online content on how to manage finances or be more productive on the road. The Travel Marketplace selection includes access to pre-arranged side trips, airport transfers, local cell phone plans and other essential travel information designed for digital nomads. Local meetings and quarterly festivals designed for members are another great benefit that members can take advantage of while working remotely. There are also upcoming trips to various destinations including Bali, Japan and Mexico, all designed for digital roaming.

LARQ Pitcher PureVis Water Pitcher

When living or spending extended time in a new location, it’s important to focus on nutrition and wellness. The LARQ Pitcher PureVis Advanced Filter water park can make it easier to stay hydrated without reaching for bottled water. Not all destinations have reliable drinking water, which makes this pitcher a great gift for someone working remotely. It comes in this larger pitcher size, but also a filtered water bottle as well. The material is self-cleaning to eliminate any re-contamination, and an indicator light lets you know when the eco-friendly filter can be changed (usually after three months).

Pluto custom pillow

Frequent travelers know that a good pillow can influence the type of rest they get. If they work on the road, one of the best gifts a digital nomad can get is a pillow that suits their personal preferences. Pluto has a variety of traditional and travel pillows that people can customize to their liking. This can include different types of filling, the firmness, size and even the shape. By answering a few questions about your sleeping habits, Pluto can create the ideal pillow for everyone. Whether you’re traveling with your pillow or returning home to one you designed, the gift of sound sleep is priceless.

Bearbottom Stretch Chino Shorts

One of the best parts of being a digital nomad is being able to work from anywhere, and that often means no dress code. Some people are even more productive when wearing relaxed, comfortable clothing like these Bearbottom stretch chino shorts. They can be dressed up with a polo shirt or dressed down with a t-shirt by the pool. Show off your taste and style in this comfortable, easy-to-pack lounge wear for frequent travelers. They’re made from a blend of cotton and spandex that gives them a stretchy, more relaxed feel, and the elasticated waistband eliminates the need to pack a belt on short trips with just a carry-on bag.

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