DesignStudio rebrands Eurostar to encourage new opportunities through train travel

DesignStudio rebrands Eurostar to encourage new opportunities through train travel

With a new logo, symbol, color palette, photography, illustrations and even sonic branding, the Eurostar Group’s distinctive identity aims to honor the heritage of the two powerhouse brands and lay a foundation that allows the network to modernize for the future. With the network aiming to carry 30 million passengers a year by 2030, it needed an appropriately bold aesthetic.

DesignStudio wisely kept the best bits of existing iconography, including the Eurostar name, because of its ‘powerful equity and global recognition’. Meanwhile, the branding’s previous letter ‘e’ imagery has been given a stylish makeover, making it a distinctive star-based logo. This icon is supported by the wordmark typography, which nods to the 1994 iteration with the small italic forms.

“This is a significant milestone in our history, and the union of these two iconic businesses as a single brand is the result of a powerful collaboration between Eurostar, Thalys and DesignStudio,” says Mario Rauter, Eurostar Group Head of Brand Development.

“The new brand respects the heritage and embeds the essential DNA of both Thalys and Eurostar, but creates us together and sets us forward for bold reimagining. The new brand and design system arms us for growth in both new and existing markets, driving re-engagement. with existing customers and discovery by new travelers. DesignStudio helped us realize our vision to inspire new opportunities through train travel.”

At the heart of the new rebrand is the spark symbol, which is a clever reference not only to the experiences the network wants to generate but to the connections it will help create. Sparkling hands burst from OOH displays and screens, seeming to reach and draw together various destinations that travelers can join.

The dynamic flexible asset will also be visible across train flows and stations and is intended to act as a navigational compass that will help guide users to their destination in the city. DesignStudio Creative Director Julien Queyrane explains that working closely with Eurostar and Thalys helped them capture the essence of the brand’s almost 30-year heritage and develop them into the future.

“This led to our brand idea and creative platform, Spark New, which represents how the new Eurostar Group brand is elevated to inspire new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities through high-speed train travel,” he reveals. .

As for the existing Eurostar and Thalys colours, these have also been modernized by turning them into a “punchy” blue and a deep slim navy. A secondary palette of six colors inspired by the diversity and vibrancy of the continent itself helps to cement the Eurostar Group’s identity as a forward-looking brand.

David Moloney, Design Director of DesignStudio, describes how the team came up with this creative solution: “We wanted to bring the pride of the brand back to employees and customers who expect a great travel experience . At the heart of the rebranding is a reimagining. a symbol that parted ways with the old metallic ribbon for a new north star and a bold icon for the brand.”

The pride people on the continent have in train travel is also reflected in the identity of a series of artworks created by seven illustrators from five countries. These capture the unique emotions and energy of each destination and are complemented by photography created in collaboration with John Adrian, which captures the joy and spontaneity of discovery through travel.

The new sonic branding has also been developed by Eurostar Group, DesignStudio and Zelig Sound, designed to create branded moments and recognition in stations, on TVCs and beyond. With the new identity due to be implemented by the end of 2023, passengers will soon have to wait to find out what the future of the Eurostar Group looks, feels and feels like.

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