life size ‘burberry checks’, hand planted on the grounds of the canary islands and south africa

life size ‘burberry checks’, hand planted on the grounds of the canary islands and south africa

Larger than life terracotta ‘Burberry Landscapes’

In 1967, a buyer in a Burberry Paris store had a flash of inspiration, removed the Burberry Check lining from a Burberry raincoat, and wrapped it around a piece of luggage and an umbrella. the British fashion house he took it as a sign to devise a series of accessories dedicated to Burberry Check.

These luxury objects now sign the name of the fashion house, and the Burberry Check is expanding due to its recent venture, so much so that it covers the lands of El Hierro in the Canary Islands and the Western Cape in South Africa. Burberry plants a series of earthworks larger than life and illustrations crafted in collaboration with its creative community.

Called ‘Burberry Landscapes’, the series not only celebrates founder Thomas Burberry’s reverence for the great outdoors but also pays tribute to the adventure stories set up by his family. The open spaces in El Hierro and the Western Cape have become temporary homes for these life-long installations that will soon be gradually disappearing.

burberry landscapes
images © courtesy of Burberry

El Hierro, Canary Islands – Elsie Burberry

Elsie Burberry, daughter-in-law of the Burberry on Founder Thomas traveled to the Canary Islands by sea in the early 20th century and embraced the natural landscapes of the region. Her adventure inspired the fashion house to draft the volcanic terrain of El Hierro, which served as a natural canvas for the Burberry Check. Burberry tapped contemporary Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to bring the Burberry Check to life.

The artist used a natural milk-based paint and the natural illustration was carefully washed by hand, wind, and local water sources to leave no permanent mark on the landscape. Rodriguez-Gerada says one of the things he enjoyed about using the painting process was its roots in minerals.

‘It’s like alchemy. You don’t really know what size works in one moment or another, because each type will come with a certain density and coverage and one comes with another. It all goes in front of you, so you can enjoy mixing right now,’ He says.

burberry landscapes
Burberry check in Western Cape closed

Western Cape, South Africa – Betty Kirby-Green

In the grasslands of South Africa’s Overberg region, the Western Cape, the Burberry Check comes close to where co-pilots Betty Kirby-Green and Flying Officer Arthur Clouston brought the Burberry plane into Cape Town. The illustration was hand-planted by local green experts on the meadow that their land is being nurtured and grown using water obtained from a rain catchment dam.

To ensure that the grassy meadow was returned to its original state, the plants were turned over to naturally break down and compost back into the earth. ‘Together, these landscapes embody Burberry’s belief that creativity opens up spaces. A body of work that celebrates Burberry’s heritage and encourages people to step outside and rethink the possibilities of the world around them,’ Burberry writes.

burberry landscapes
Western Cape, South Africa

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