Miami mayor speaks out against socialism ‘driving poverty, immigration’

Miami mayor speaks out against socialism ‘driving poverty, immigration’

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is furious with the latest migrant surge along America’s southern border, arguing that part of the influx problem stems from the recent rise of socialism on “Varney & Co.” Wednesday.

“The United States has ignored the rise of socialism for decades in our hemisphere. Cuba, its biggest export is its ideology,” Suarez told host Stuart Varney. “And what we have seen them do in the last 50 years or 60 years since Castro was in power, this is to spread an ideology to Venezuela, Nicaragua.”

Cuba, located just 90 miles south of the coast of Florida, has long been ruled by the communist and socialist tyranny of dictator Fidel Castro.

“Castro’s socialist regime made the government the dominant force in society from cradle to grave,” Cuban refugee Alex Sanchez previously wrote for FOX Business. “These socialist changes, including the nationalization of private property, caused widespread misery.”

Suarez warned of socialist uprisings in other South American countries, which he argued played a role in the recent wave of immigration into the US.


“You have cases in Argentina, Chile, recently with the election in Brazil, Colombia, Peru is up in the air,” the mayor listed.

Mayor of Miami at the southern border

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez links a rise in socialist ideology to rising levels of poverty and immigration on “Varney & Co.” Wednesday, January 25, 2023. (Getty Images)

The number of migrant encounters at the southern border in December alone surpassed 250,000, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed last Friday – marking a new high for the Biden-era border crisis as it enters its third term. year.

Less than two weeks ago, Florida saw dozens of illegal immigrants land on Fort Lauderdale Beach just north of Miami. A Florida government spokesperson told Fox News Digital that 8,400 migrants have been intercepted in the Florida Keys since August.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis he signed an executive order just days before the January 13 event, the Florida National Guard was activated to assist local law enforcement in the state with the influx of immigrants coming into South Florida from Cuba and other Caribbean nations.

“You have a huge change that creates a huge amount of poverty in the region, which creates immigrant pressure. So no one is pointing out that the rise of socialism in our hemisphere is driving poverty, which is driving immigration,” said Suarez about the situation recently. migrant boats.

The mayor of Miami asked his fellow US leaders to help end socialism by building a strategy to “disempower China.”

“We have a huge amount of our supply chain in China, including our microchips, 80% of which are produced in Taiwan. Bringing that into our hemisphere, trying to create more prosperity in our hemisphere, that completes our chain supply, and we hope. , by creating more prosperity in our hemisphere, we are going to reduce the incentive for people in this hemisphere to want to come to the United States,” explained Suarez.

The mayor expressed that he wanted to find a legal solution to support the humanitarian desire of the migrants to create success for themselves and their families, and to ensure that their tomorrow is better than they were yesterday.


“That’s what everybody in the world wants, and everybody here in the United States gets it,” Suarez said. “Imagine what it would take for you, in your life, to sacrifice everything – even your life – to get on a mobile watercraft in Cuba with no drive, no motor and a risk of 90 miles straight to get to the United States of America. “

“It’s such a dramatic decision that someone has to make in their life,” the Miami mayor continued. “I think sometimes we don’t understand what we have here in our country.”


Fox News’ Adam Shaw and Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this report.

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