Pantera Pulled From German Rock Festivals After Criticism

Pantera Pulled From German Rock Festivals After Criticism

Germany’s main rock and metal festivals Rock AM Ring & Rock AM Park have decided to pull Pantera from the 2023 scheduled programs. In a statement made by social media outlets rockimparkofficial, the organizers of the festival inform that the decision was made as resulting in continued criticism after their Pantera reunion was booked as one of this year’s headliners.

“Pantera will not be performing at Rock in the Park and Rock in the Ring 2023, as announced,” say festival organizers. fans, we continued to deal with the criticism together and decided to take the band off the record.”

In addition, the German Green Party criticized Pantera’s appearance at the festivals (according to Blabbermouth), referring to singer Phil Anselmo’s past racist behavior at the 2016 Dimebash event: “[Anselmo] he deliberately made repeated Nazi gestures and shouted racist slogans.”

Although Anselmo apologized for his behavior and comments at the 2016 Dimebash concert, he has not commented on the incident since 2019 when interviewed by Kerrang! regarding his thoughts on the proceedings. “I think it’s ridiculous. I made an off-color joke and ‘Boom!’ — he literally looks like Hitler!” Anselmo said. “Not me. I take each individual at a time, the way any logical individual would. Love is in my heart. Over the years, I’ve learned to take the first step with love and good faith first I get along with everyone If there is any doubt about my political leanings, people should get it out of their heads. [cast of characters] from the theater, from the mental hospital, from all walks of life — all colors, creeds and types. It is absurd to me that anyone in this day and age would judge anyone by the color of their skin, their heritage or their religion. I am a harmless man. I’m a reactionary, I’m not a troublemaker.”

Whether you’re a huge Pantera fan or just a fan, it’s a perfectly valid argument for someone to point out that the current members of Pantera haven’t properly or adequately addressed their history of insensitive behavior racist, and it goes beyond Phil Anselmo’s. Notes 2016. During their original active years (1980s-2001) Pantera featured the Confederate flag prominently at their live shows and in their merchandise, as well as displaying what many considered racist rhetoric at their concerts. . Despite the band removing the Confederate Flag from their merchandise and branding these days, the band’s relationship with the flag and past racial statements are still a hot topic of conversation among artists and fans in the Pantera scene respectively. That being said, it seems like it would be in the best interest of a Pantera reunion to address these issues with their fans and the music industry in general, especially members Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo.

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