Ring Video Doorbell tips and tricks

Ring Video Doorbell tips and tricks

The IS Call Video Bell is one of the best smart doorbells in 2023. Not only is it affordable, but it can capture HD video, store footage for later review, and is super easy to install regardless on your existing arrangement. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your fancy smart doorbell, you’ll want to dive into the accompanying smart app and make a few tweaks to your settings. Here are five tips and tricks for the Ring Video Doorbell to improve its performance.

Set your motion zones

Ring Video Doorbell 3 on the Ring mobile app

The first thing you’ll want to do after installing your Ring Video Doorbell is to set up motion zones. These are customizable fields that will trigger an alert if an offer is detected – and if set correctly, you’ll save the headache of receiving unwanted updates. To customize your motion zones, load up your Ring app and tap the three lines at the top of your screen. From there, choose Devicesthen navigate through Tender Arrangements to Tender Zones. You will now be able to add zones and adjust the size of existing zones.

Turn off offer ads

Screenshot of the Ring App

Motion zones do a great job of reducing unwanted motion alerts – like when people are walking on the sidewalk outside your house or way out on the curb. Sometimes, though, you want to turn off motion notification entirely (a useful feature if someone in your family is going in and out of the front door several times in a matter of minutes). To turn off your motion detection or motion alerts, simply open the Ring app, click the three lines at the top of the screen, then head to the Devices menu. Select the device you want to adjust, then toggle the Tender Detection or Tender Alerts on or off button.

Activate Mode Settings

Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen on the door
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Do you want your Ring Video Doorbell to monitor your home while you’re away, but turn off completely when you’re home? Consider setting up Mode Settings. These allow you to automatically activate certain features with the push of a button rather than going through a sea of ​​menus. To enable this functionality, go back to the Devices screen and click on the product you want to modify. Next, click Mode Settings. You will then go through the activation process. Once enabled, you’ll have the choice of three different Modes – each offering different functionality and activated with a single touch of the Device menu.

Extend your battery life

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Battery

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to give your Ring Video Doorbell a significant boost in battery life. You can squeeze out a little more juice by disabling motion detection or moving your Wi-Fi router closer to your front door, but you’ll only get so far. You might also consider picking up a new battery pack if your battery is a few years old, as they lose their longevity as they age. And keep in mind that you’ll likely see a drop in performance during the winter months – cold weather tends to drain the battery faster than hot weather.

Sync with your smart home

The Ehco Show and Ring Doorbell on a white background.

The Ring Video Doorbell can be paired with several different smart home ecosystems, including Google Home and Alexa. Once you’re paired (see our guides to Google Home and Alexa), you’ll have access to a number of different features depending on what else is in your home. One of the coolest features is being able to check your front door on your smart display, which offers a much larger view of your front door than on your smartphone.

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