Tesla Buyer Says She Effectively Lost K After Price Cuts

Tesla Buyer Says She Effectively Lost $11K After Price Cuts

  • Tesla has reduced the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in recent weeks.
  • Several buyers who ordered vehicles before the price cuts expressed their frustration to Insider.
  • One said she was pressured to deliver her Model Y the day before prices were cut.

Tesla buyers are voicing their frustration at missing out on the big price cuts the company has announced in recent weeks, with one saying they felt “a word,” and another, “being taken advantage of.” get rid of it.”

Forty people contacted Insider to express their displeasure at missing out on the Model 3 and Model Y price cuts, following this publication’s Saturday news of a buyer who received a discount on his pending order.

Aaron Brewer, of Oahu, Hawaii, placed an order at the Honolulu dealership on December 7 for a Model 3 after Tesla reduced the price of that car and the Model Y by $3,750. He said a sales representative told him Tesla “almost never discounts anything.”

Later in December, Tesla increased the discount on both models, to $7,500, and two weeks into 2023 it reduced prices further.

Brewer said that it was “very painful to have that euphoric feeling of being so happy to take the car out and replace it with a sense of being taken advantage of” to the tune of “several thousand dollars.”

Insider looked at emails confirming Brewer’s order and emails from others mentioned in this story.

Deborah Martin, of Los Alamitos, California, said she ordered her seven-seat Model Y Long Range in early January to take advantage of the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit, and was told to expect delivery between 12 January and March.

“The salesman told me that if I didn’t take delivery by January 12, the car would be given to the next person on the list,” she said.

She paid $76,440 for the vehicle, including the Enhanced Autopilot system. The same configuration she ordered is now priced at $65,630, she said: “So within 24 hours, not including tax, I lost $10,810.”

A buyer who did not want to be named for privacy reasons paid $69,000 for a Model Y and took delivery on October 1 after a year-long wait. Following the recent price cuts, the car now starts at $52,990, down from its previous base price of $65,990.

“It feels like you’ve been cheated and robbed,” said the buyer. “It feels like we’re helpless. It doesn’t seem fair to a hard-working family with two children to be robbed of their six months’ savings.”

Many of the people who contacted Insider said they tried to contact Tesla representatives through the company’s app or on Twitter. Some said they even reached out directly to Musk.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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