The Anker Docking Station Monitor Stand frees up more space on your desk

The Anker Docking Station Monitor Stand frees up more space on your desk

Organizing your desk can be one of the most stressful tasks of your life, especially if you have a mix of analog and digital tools that you need to get things done. In addition to keeping everything in its proper place, cable management can be essential if you don’t want to let your desk look like a jungle. That’s not even considering the ergonomics involved, especially when it comes to the right monitor height to save your eyes from neck strain. With so many factors to consider, it might seem surprising that there could be one product that addresses all three at once, but that’s exactly what Anker is proposing with its Docking Station emerging that allows you to work by getting unnecessary. things out of the way.

Designer: Anker

There are plenty of monitor stands on the market today designed to raise computer screens to an ergonomic height. Most of them do just that, which may be fine if you simply want something that makes your monitor a little louder. The new Anker USB-C Docking Station 675, however, offers a lot more and helps to get most of those pesky cables out of sight and out of mind, leaving you to deal with the ones that are really need you.

As the name suggests, this Anker Docking Station is really a port hub, and there are certainly plenty of those to go around. You won’t be missing USB-A and USB-C ports, but there’s also an HDMI port for your computer screen. There’s even a data card reader, so you won’t need to connect a separate peripheral for those one-off SD or microSD cards from cameras and devices. The most frequently accessed ports are placed on the left side of the dock for quick access, while others are hidden below the surface to prevent your hands from tripping over them. And as a bonus, there’s a wireless charging pad on the right side that supports most modern phones.

Unlike conventional computer docks, the Anker 675 is a stylish accessory that won’t look out of place on your minimalist desk design. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, its surface can monitor a wide range of sizes. The curved edges and corners provide an aesthetically pleasing form, which is just the break your eyes and mind need when dealing with the pressures and stresses of working life. In addition, the empty space it leaves below is perfect storage space for documents or even other devices you want to keep within easy reach, even if they are not needed immediately.

Keeping your desk tidy doesn’t always have to be a hassle, even with all the cables running to and from devices. The Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station Monitor Stand offers just the right amount of cable management to keep those wires out of your hair while leaving some breathing room for the rest of your tools on your desk. Anker’s new product launches on January 30 for $250.

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