The purchase will take £95 more off your energy bill than double glazing

The purchase will take £95 more off your energy bill than double glazing

Double glazing, loft insulation and cladding are top of mind for people when trying to keep precious warmth in their homes but a new study has found a much more effective (and cheaper) way to cut energy bills this winter.

The Government’s “spend-to-save” guidance on energy efficient home improvement claims that double glazing saves up to £235 a year.

However, when family budgets are tight, it’s easy to spend thousands of pounds buying and having double glazing installed in your home. Fitting ten windows with A++ double glazing would set you back £6,400 according to The Eco Experts, an environmental consultancy group.

But what if there was a cheaper alternative to windows that could save more energy, and save you more money?

Thermal curtains, which cost on average around £95 for a high-quality set, will reduce the average three-bedroom family’s heating bills by £327 a year – according to The Eco Experts.

When the Government’s energy price guarantee goes up to £3,000 in April, thermal curtains will save even more, around £392 a year on average – almost a quarter of household energy bills.

Double glazing, which typically costs £640 per window, cuts your annual energy costs by just 17.5pc.

Josh Jackman, from The Eco Experts, explained how the curtains work: “They are made with high density foam, which you will find in most sofas, and which prevents heat from escaping your home in the winter, or from coming in during the winter. summer.

“They are also lined with layers of insulation, coated with reflective material, and often come with a magnetic strip along the edges to ensure the curtains adhere tightly to your wall – all together to reduce the temperature to keep stable in your home.”

A pair of thermal curtains should stop between the edge of the window sill and above the radiators, as blocking any radiators would stop heat entering the room – according to the Energy Saving Trust.

However, Mr Jackman pointed out the benefits of having double glazing installed for the overall value of your home.

“Although this means you’re unlikely to get a return on your investment, double glazing is still a good idea for most homeowners.

“If you intend to move at any time, double glazing will make it much easier to sell and allow you to set a higher price.

“Buyers tend to want to see double glazing across properties, but are well aware of the cost and inconvenience of doing it themselves – and will pay more up front to avoid it.”

The Energy Saving Trust recommends investing in both double glazing and thermal curtains to get the best results: “If your home has single-glazed windows, installing energy-efficient double-glazing will be more effective in saving energy and money instead of just thicker curtains. .”

However, in the battle for the most cost-effective way to stop heat escaping through your windows, thermal curtains win.

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