This mouse and table clock come together to make a cozy oval decoration for your desk

This mouse and table clock come together to make a cozy oval decoration for your desk

The computer mouse is one of those things that shouldn’t make sense when you think hard about it, and yet it’s a staple of modern life. Even with laptops that carry touchpads, some people prefer to use a mouse with a laptop, even if it’s not the most ergonomic thing. Attempts have been made to change the image and design of the mouse, creating forms that are almost out of this world. This concept design doesn’t stray far from the traditional shape of the computer peripheral, but it still makes some changes that give it a better aesthetic, especially when paired with its twin desk clocks.

Designer: Juwon Lee (Dawn BYSJ)

You will not always be using the mouse all the time, for example when you have already left the desk and closed the computer. During these “free times”, the mouse sits useless on the table, like a mound of plastic that breaks the attractive flatness of the desk surface. It wouldn’t be a big problem if the design of the mouse was something decorative that you could also call it, but few mice are like that.

The SEEK concept design tries to change the recognition of the computer mouse a bit by giving it another function even when it is not in use. The upper surface of the mouse that connects to your hand is covered in a fabric-like material, not unlike those found wrapped around smart speakers. It’s questionable whether using such a material is smart, considering how much dirt and sweat it’s likely to accumulate, but it’s hard to deny that it looks stylish. Some anti-microbial fabric can also be used, or any other elegant material that looks good and also feels good in the hand.

Although the mouse already looks beautiful when left on a desk as usual, its true decorative value comes from being joined with its other half. The other half of SEEK is a table clock that stands upright in contrast to the horizontal position of the mouse. The back of the clock is covered in the same fabric material and color as the mouse, and the bottom of the mouse has the same terrazzo-like surface on its front. The embedded monochromatic display gives the clock a minimalist appeal, and like the mouse, it can already stand on its own as a decorative table piece.

However, when SEEK is assembled, it becomes this strange egg-shaped object, wrapped in fabric that may evoke metaphors of incubation, warmth, patience, and the like. Of course, it’s also a beautiful thing that adds a cozy touch to your desk, something you might want to see after a long day of work or before you start your day. This ritual could even be put together to end your work day, as a symbol of closing the work you have done and allowing it to bear fruit and brood the next day.

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