This outdoor furniture collection is made from recycled plastic but has the feel and look of wood

This outdoor furniture collection is made from recycled plastic but has the feel and look of wood

I sincerely believe that stools deserve more credit than they get. Stools are often overlooked, perhaps because they take up minimal space, and are not too heavy. But it is these characteristics that make stools so great in my opinion! And a collection of stools and tables that recently caught my attention is the Nardi’s Stack stool and table combo. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, the Italian furniture brand Nardi launched a collection of stools and a table with a linear design complemented by strips of wood.

Designer: Nardi

Made from 100 percent recyclable regenerated polypropylene, the furniture collection is designed to look like traditional wooden furniture. Light and strong, the stool and table can be easily lifted, handled and transported from one place to another. And the fact that it looks like wooden furniture only adds to its list of benefits! The furniture pieces are also completely weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use.

The stool comes in two versions – Mini and Maxi. Both are stackable, and take up minimal space when set aside and stored. The stools have a unique spiral form, which allows them to interlock with each other, creating a relatively compact and minimal footprint. “The spiral design is not just an aesthetic whim, but a search for a shape that perfectly meets the need for rotating stacking, going beyond the classic design of the outer strips,” said Raffaello Galiotto.

The table is called a Combo, and it has a sturdy round top and four narrow legs. You can choose a higher table, called the Combo High. The Combo High is equipped with an extension component, which makes it expandable. It can be positioned on top of the legs. Nardi has made the table top in such a way, that it maintains perfect rigidity, is not affected by the passage of time, and exposure to elements such as wind and water.

“With a linear design and thick parts inspired by strips of wood, the Stack stool and combo table stand out for their sturdiness, safety, and ergonomics,” said Nardi.

The furniture pieces are available in the ‘Terra’ finish. The name was coined because of the brown and matte texture of the brown clay. Terra has a rather vintage effect to it, defined more by tonal stripes marked through the plastic. Unlike traditional stools and tables that have a rather smooth finish, the Nardi collection has a rough wood-like texture.

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