Two Execs Can’t Be Great In K-Drama ‘Strangers Again’

Two Execs Can’t Be Great In K-Drama ‘Strangers Again’

Oh Ha-ra and Goo Eun-beom are divorce lawyers, so they knew exactly what to expect when their own marriage fell apart. The breakup left them cynical about love, but they were practical about the process and cut all ties. They had seen enough divorces to know it could happen to anyone. Ha-ra, played by Kang So-ra, was hurt by losing her ex, but said that at least she wouldn’t have to see him again. Imagine her surprise when he signs with the law firm where she works.

That’s the premise of the Korean drama ENA Strangers Again. Signing those divorce papers made Ha-ra and Eun-beom strangers, at least legally. But it’s hard to forget someone you’ve been so close to for so long. It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to go back to being strangers.

When Eun-beom shows up at the law firm, Ha-ra has not forgiven him and works hard to get rid of him. Not only does she fail to get rid of him, but she makes one of those unbelievable but hilarious deals with him. If Eun-beom, played by Jang Seung-Jo, can help her win an impossible case, she will no longer resist joining her law firm. Of course, he helps her win and that means Ha-ra has to see him every day. Even worse, they work together on situations where they have plenty of opportunities to discuss what makes a marriage not work—and maybe end up discussing what made their marriage not work.

These characters are definitely not over the top. Ha-ra even thinks Eun-beom might be trying to win her over, that is until he suggests she go on a blind date with his handsome friend, Min Jae-gyeom, played by Mu Jin-sung.

Strangers Again It’s another legal drama, but it has a different focus from all of the courtroom stories of the past year in that it focuses on divorce. A sad story could be the result of emotional awkwardness interacting with an old, but Strangers Again the dry content makes it quite funny. The drama features both subtle and silly humor, as well as hilarious performances from Kang and Jang as the warring but secretly in love role models. Ha-ra also has some droll coworkers and friends at the law office, played by the wonderful character actors Jo Eun-ji, Lee Jae-won, Jeon Bae-su and Gil Hae-yeon.

Kang has appeared in dramas before Revolutionary Love, Warm and Cozy and Misaeng: An Incomplete Life. Jang can be seen in The Good Detective, The Good Detective 2, Snowdrop and Chocolate. He and Kang So-ra starred together in the film Secret Zoo. We can see in You’re Beautiful, A Scholar Who Walks At Night and Shine Or Go Crazy.

Strangers Again broadcast on in the United States.

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