Yakima, Washington shooting: Suspect in custody after overnight shooting 3 dead

Yakima, Washington shooting: Suspect in custody after overnight shooting 3 dead


A suspect was taken into custody Tuesday in connection with an overnight shooting that left three people dead in Washington state, Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray said in a Facebook video.

Murray said officers responded to a phone call from a family member of the suspected gunman who said they could find him behind some stores.

Gunshots were heard when police arrived and a man was injured, but no officers shot the suspect and no officers were injured, according to Murray, who said more information would be released later Tuesday.

The police department had earlier identified the “presumed homicide suspect” as Yakima County resident Jarid Haddock, 21, according to the Facebook post.

Road closures in the area on Tuesday morning were “related to the early morning murders,” a police spokesman said.

SWAT was responding and authorities had drones throughout the area.

Tabitha Johnson, an employee of a nearby business, told CNN the area was locked down and police have surrounded a home near the intersection of University Parkway and West Birchfield Road. Johnson said authorities have been there since before 9:00 local time.

The area cordoned off by police is about two miles east of where shots were fired earlier this morning.

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Murray told CNN on Tuesday that the suspect pulled into the ARCO/ampm gas station and “tried to go into the lobby,” but found the doors locked.

“He then walked across the street to the Circle K,” Murray said. “As he walks into the store he pulls out his gun and two people are getting food and he shoots them.” Both died, Murray said.

The suspect then walked out of the store and shot another person, who also died.

Murray said the suspect went back across the street to the ARCO/ampm gas station and got into a car and drove off.

Police have not said who owns the car but believe it may belong to the suspect.

Justin Bumbalogh, who worked at Elite Towing and Recovery, said he was half asleep when he heard gunshots. Police said the shooting happened around 3:30 local time.

Bumbalogh said he heard about nine gunshots and remembered a distinct gap between the two sets of shots.

Police responded shortly after the gunshots, he said.

“It seems like a random situation,” Murray said. “There was no apparent conflict between the parties – the man walked in and started shooting.”

FBI Seattle Field office Steve Bernd told CNN they are aware of the incident and are in contact with Yakima police in case they call for assistance.

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